Bremen, 23 July 2005

Olympus E-10

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  • Roland and Paweł 19 visits Roland and Paweł
  • Cathedral 22 visits Cathedral
  • Schnoor 16 visits Schnoor
  • Marktplatz 14 visits Marktplatz
  • 5 16 visits 5
  • City Hall 16 visits City Hall
  • Jacob the Great 18 visits Jacob the Great
  • Paweł 19 visits Paweł
  • Michał 20 visits Michał
  • Michał and the Rooster 20 visits Michał and the Rooster
  • Paweł and the Donkey 24 visits Paweł and the Donkey
  • Golden metal-art at Böttcherstrasse 18 visits Golden metal-art at Böttcherstrasse
  • City Hall 20 visits City Hall
  • Cathedral 22 visits Cathedral
  • City Hall 15 visits City Hall
  • Blue horse on a balcony (dreams to be a donkey) 39 visits Blue horse on a balcony (dreams to be a donkey)
  • Houses of Bremen 16 visits Houses of Bremen